Norwegian General To Tour Little Norway

Posted: 2019-09-03 08:13:18 By: hbr

The top brass from the Norwegian Air Force are headed for a tour of the Muskoka Airport this fall.

During the most recent Bracebridge general committee meeting, councillors heard that a general from the Norwegian Air Force plans to visit the area in October to mark the 75th anniversary of the Norwegian Air Force.

When Nazi Germany attacked Norway in 1940, the Royal Norwegian Air Force was unable to mount a sustained defense. Those pilots who managed to escape were eventually resettled at a new base of operations at the Muskoka Airport. From 1942 until February 1945, “Little Norway”, as the airport came to be known, trained 2,000 pilots, crew and ground crew. 

Town councillors also heard that the ambassador from Norway recently toured the area and said she is very excited to help strengthen the partnership between Muskoka and Norway.

To that end, a number of initiatives are being considered, including working with local schools to create a grade 2 curriculum focusing on different cultures to simultaneously connect and learn about the history and culture of each area through technology.