Officials In Gravenhurst Standing By In Case Of Flooding

Posted: 2019-04-26 11:21:55 By: hbr

Officials in the Town of Gravenhurst are closely monitoring local waterways as municipalities to the north declare flooding emergencies.

Deputy Fire Chief Todd Clapp who is also the Community Emergency Management Coordinator says “The Town’s Infrastructure Services staff instituted enhanced monitoring in mid-March in anticipation of the spring freshet, and a staff team has been watching the data points daily,” said. And while isolated pockets of flooding have occurred in South Gravenhurst, none have been as catastrophic as those in the northern portion of Muskoka.

Mayor Paul Kelly says “The extreme water flows that warranted declarations of emergencies in Bracebridge and Huntsville have not materialized in Gravenhurst to this point in time, but we are being very watchful,” he added.

Sandbagging supplies were established in Gravenhurst during the March break as an added proactive measure, and these are seeing good usage by the community.

Property owners on the Severn River have advised that the water level is already dropping and believe that this year is not as bad as they have seen in the past, Kelly said.

The town’s emergency management team is poised to act when and if necessary, and all of the Town’s Departments are standing by.