OFSAA Nordic Championships Coming To Downtown Huntsville

Posted: 2019-09-25 08:16:40 By: hbr

John Cowan from OFSAA advised the Downtown Huntsville BIA during their meeting on Aug 15th that the Nordic provincial championship races will take place in downtown Huntsville once again.  The races are scheduled for Feb 19-21 2020.  It is anticipated that 700 + athletes and 200 support staff will be present. Snow will fill parts of Main St, West St. North and Rivermill park for the 800 meter course. To   provide access to the tenants and businesses a 8x56 foot pipe will be put down on the street, and the course will run over it. This pedestrian walkway is being provided by Infrapipe.

In order to take advantage on the snow on the streets, a committee consisting of members of the Chamber of Commerce, Huntsville BIA, Mr. Cowan and other support groups met to  work on an winter festival for the Saturday following the races.  The event will take place on Saturday Feb 22nd, and the committee hopes to bring lots of people downtown for a fun event. More details of this event will be provided once details become available.

If you are interested in participating in organizing this winter celebration- Contact the Chamber of Commerce at 705-788-5847 or email