Online Auction Raises $6000 For Community Living Huntsville

Posted: 2021-07-14 09:53:03 By: thebay

Submitted article

As an online art auction closed for bids, it opened doors for inclusion in North Muskoka.

Jennifer Jerrett, community engagement specialist for Community Living Huntsville, called the not-for-profit organization’s first Artists for Inclusion auction “a huge success.” The virtual event raised roughly $6,000 for the organization’s innovative Pathways program in June 2021.

“Although the year has been really difficult for everyone, those who supported and participated in the auction understood the social isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic was more difficult for people with developmental disabilities,” said Jerrett.

Community Living Huntsville supports 300 children and adults, and their families, in North Muskoka. In addition to its government funded services, the organization also offers its Pathways program.

Pathways prevents adults, who are diagnosed with developmental disabilities but deemed ineligible for government funded supports or waitlisted for funds, from falling through the cracks. The program offers free support and services to eligible adults, so they can build the inclusive lives they want in their community.

Community Living Huntsville aims to raise $150,000 each year to sustain Pathways, which relies solely on donations and fundraised dollars.

Jerrett said she was amazed by the number of artists, craftspeople and contributors who reached out to graciously donate more than 60 auction items. And what is an auction without bidders? Jerrett also offered her thanks to the generous people who raised their virtual auction paddles for their community.

Community Living Huntsville is a not-for-profit, registered charity that supports and advocates alongside people with developmental disabilities to live, work and play in unique and purposeful ways in North Muskoka. Find more at or follow @clhuntsville on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.