Open House Last Chance To Join Fire Dept For 2019

Posted: 2019-06-04 07:14:33 By: hbr

The Gravenhurst Fire Dept says next Thursday is the last opportunity for anyone interested in joining the Fire Department this year.  The Departments “Annual Recruiting Open House” is being held at the Harvie Street Fire Station at 7pm on Thursday June 13th.

Fire Chief Larry Brassard says there are many advantages for those who have a desire to serve others as a firefighter, but he warns it’s not a job for everyone.  “We want people to know that the demands of being a volunteer firefighter are many, but the intrinsic rewards that accompany it are almost impossible to describe. Being part of a real team of community guardians and helping people during perhaps the most difficult day of their life brings a sense of self-satisfaction that simply cannot be realized anywhere else in life.”

The open house will feature a complete overview of the selection and training process, as well as an opportunity to meet some of the Towns currently serving junior and senior firefighters, as well as the chance to view the equipment they use up close.

“People can apply as late as June 10th, Online via the Towns website, or in person on the 10th”, Brassard said.