OPP Remind ATV'ers & Snowmobile Operators To Secure Their Equipment

Posted: 2018-12-20 08:09:59 By: hbr

In the wake of a recent increase in thefts of snowmobiles and ATV's, police are urging residents to secure their property. Police say that while many operators take great pride in their machines, they offer a dangerous combination of being both valuable, and portable.

To keep your equipment safe, OPP suggest you:

  1. Try to secure and store your machines and equipment out of plain view.
  2. Lock it or lose it - The more visible your locks are, the less likely any thieves will even approach them. If you store your machines on or in a trailer, please take precautions to secure the trailer.
  3. Light it up - The installation of permanent or motion sensing lighting has always been an effective way to deter unwanted visitors.

 Police say that although this message is directed to snowmobiles and ATVs, these tips apply to all types of property.