OPP Warn of Police Impersonation Scam

Posted: 2018-12-07 09:13:48 By: hbr

The (OPP) are warning of a potential scam involving the impersonation of police.

On Wednesday a man from Montreal, Quebec visited Police asking to meet with Senior Inspector Jones Rickshaw of the OPP. Police say the male was promised a large sum of money if he first deposited over $500 into an American bank account and he wanted to meet in person before making the deposit. As a result of his caution, the man learned that he had avoided being another victim of fraud as both the name and rank given were fictitious.  A fake staff identification card had also been provided.

Police say many Canadians find themselves becoming scam victims, thanks to the excitement of a surprise win or to claim prizes from fake lotteries, contests or inheritances. Phone calls, an e-mail, text messages and pop-up messages on your computer or laptop may make claims that the offer is legal and that there are relatively minor costs to claim the 'big' prize.

By responding, you may lose everything you send to a scammer and - if you have provided other personal details - your identity information could be stolen to support other crimes.