Outdoor activities immune to the lockdown

Posted: 2021-01-07 09:36:49 By: thebay

Most people in Muskoka and other communities where natural areas continue to flourish can still enjoy plenty of outdoor activities during the current lockdown.

With health professionals from nearly every field stressing the importance of physical activity for all manners of well-being, including mental and emotional, it’s critical to not fall into a lethargic state.

Solid doses of fresh air also help with a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few easy to do activities during the lockdown.

Tobogganing or sledding – or any manner of sliding down a snow-covered hill – is a Canadian tradition which offers both fun and exercise.

Challenge each other to see how many runs one can do in a set time – for example, 20 runs in an hour – as this will increase the pace at which both children and adults are racing up the hill. This is a great way to be physically active without it feeling like a chore.

Another great winter activity – for both exercise and enjoyment. Snowshoes allow individuals and groups to make their own paths and trails off the beaten path in the forests to observe some amazing natural beauty. No forest nearby? No worries. Snowshoes can be used in a backyard, on a soccer field, on a golf course – anywhere that has a solid blanket of snow.

Of course, not everyone has snowshoes, so long walks through forest trails also works. Or just a walk outdoors anywhere. Be it on the sidewalk, doing laps around a nearby school property, through the downtown core – remember our feet were made for walking.

But, not everything has to be about getting a workout in; backyard fun like snowball fights, building snowmen, digging tunnels, throwing or kicking a ball around, and other activities are free and fun.

As we can see, there are plenty of outdoor activities that are lockdown immune. So, let’s get our butts outside already!


By Chris Occhiuzzi, for