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Overnights approved for Pitman's Bay Campground

Overnights approved for Pitman's Bay Campground

Posted: 2022-07-29 13:49:01 By: thebay

Overnight camping was approved for Pitman's Bay Campground, in Huntsville, at a Special Council meeting earlier today.

The waterfront campground on Mary Lake, was typically open for day use for family functions, and by permit only. However, Mayor Karin Terziano said, “The Town recognizes some people rented Pitmans Bay with the understanding that overnight camping was permitted.”

Public places and parks are normally prohibited from use of overnight camping, however, an amendment was made for Pitmans for the period of July 29, 2022 until December 30th, 2022.

The fees associated with the rental for the period of July 29, 2022, until August 1, 2022 have also been waived.

The approval is for Pitman's Bay Campground only.

Terziano said, “Staff will review the current by-laws and policies related to the use of Pitman's Bay and report back to Council.”