Parry Sound 33 Continues to Grow

Posted: 2018-07-27 11:11:38 By: hbr

As of Thursday night the Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services  is reporting 45 active forest fires across the northeast. Of these, 15 are not yet under control, 30 are either being held, under control or being observed.

Incident Management Teams (IMTs) are in place in the region for priority fires including the fire known as Parry Sound 33, which is currently estimated at 6,760 hectares and is still listed as not under control.

Waterbombers and helicopters worked most of the day halting or slowing fire spread while sprinklers continued to be placed along the Pickerel River, and began in Henvey Inlet as a precautionary measure. 

A mandatory evacuation is in effect for residents of the area with boat access only and an evacuation alert to all residents within this area who have road access to their residences or cottages.  Residents should be prepared to evacuate pending a change in the fire situation.