Parry Sound Muskoka Sends Aitchison To Ottawa

Posted: 2019-10-22 06:26:55 By: hbr

Parry Sound Muskoka has a new MP.  Last night Huntsville Mayor Scott Aitchison claimed victory with over 19,000 votes or 41% of the popular vote in the 43rd Federal Election.

Liberal Candidate Trisha Cowie trailed behind with just under 15,000 votes or 30% of the popular vote, while the Green’s Gord Miller trailed in a distant third with 15% and the NDP came in at 4th with 12%.

Last night at Deerhurst, Aitchison thanked his volunteers for their hard work  and said that he will be resigning his position as mayor at the upcoming town council meeting on Monday.

The council will have to weigh the options of running a by election or appointing a new mayor for the balance of the term.