Petition Launched Calling For MAHC To Reject Motion For 2 New Hospitals

Posted: 2019-10-01 16:34:17 By: hbr

A Facebook group in Muskoka has mobilized to create a petition calling on residents to sign their opposition to a motion that calls for two brand new hospitals to replace the existing facilities in the future.

The group is concerned that Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare ‘s (MAHC) plan is not affordable, and doomed to failure, paving the way for the MAHC to re-introduce a new plan calling for a single site hospital.

The cost for 2 new hospitals is estimated at nearly $600 million.   The amount local municipalities would have to contribute would be over $200 million according to Huntsville Councilor Tim Withey who raised the alarm at the last Huntsville council meeting.  Withey told council that instead of trying to build costly new hospitals, the MAHC should renovate the existing facilities as required.

The group is asking all residents in the catchment area to sign the petition before October 10th – the day the plan is to be presented to the MAHC board of directors.

The petition can be found in businesses in the catchment area and online at the group’s Facebook page called Listen To The People.