Pipeman To Return To Downtown Huntsville

Pipeman To Return To Downtown Huntsville

Posted: 2021-04-01 07:19:05 By: thebay

Pipeman will be making a return – in a matter of speaking.  During the last Huntsville Council meeting it was revealed that the image of Tom Thomson, AKA Pipeman by artist Beverley Hawksley will be returning to the Downtown core, but not in the water.

Councillor Bob Stone expressed his support of 2 pairs of monoliths at each end of the downtown strip welcoming visitors said he wasn’t against the image, but rather the floating obstacle in the river.  They will be installed at the swing bridge and at Lorne and Main Streets.

In addition, new light standards will also be introduced with the new street scape design and will feature the light up image of the Pipeman.

The first section is due to be completed from the swing bridge to Brunel in time for the start of summer season.

April Fools!