Police Arrest Man Waving 17inch Knife

Posted: 2021-10-14 08:11:28 By: thebay

On Tuesday afternoon, police responded to reports of a man that was yelling and screaming while waving around a 17" knife at the Maslack Supply store on Main St West in Huntsville.

Officers arrived on scene and located the man in front of the store holding the knife screaming. The male was subsequently arrested and was transported to the Huntsville Detachment.  

As a result, 24-year-old Quinn (Brian) Crick, of Huntsville, has been charged with:

- Uttering Threats - Cause Death or Bodily Harm

- Assault with a Weapon

- Possession of Weapon for Dangerous Purpose  

Crick was held for a bail hearing and was released. He is to appear before a Huntsville Court on November 3rd, 2021.