Police Investigating Threat to Area Beaches

Posted: 2018-05-15 10:43:37 By: hbr

Bracebridge and Gravenhurst beaches are being threatened and OPP are investigating.  The threat came via correspondence received at the office of the Huntsville Forester that threaten the safety of the beaches in the Muskoka region.
Both the towns of Bracebridge and Gravenhurst cleaned up after hazardous materials were found at several area beaches last month.
The letter which says its from the Islamic Revolutionary Force says "We will destroy your beaches  from Toronto to North Bay.  We have started with the Muskoka and other tourist destinations.  Your northern towns extremely easy targets, unlike cities."  
The correspondence received by the Huntsville Detachment and has been referred to the OPP’s Crime Unit for active investigation. 
As a result of the hazardous materials previously found, the municipalities have implemented enhanced inspections of the beaches. The two communities will continue to take proactive steps to monitor beach areas and to clean up any materials found. 
Members of the community are asked report any suspicious activity or acts of vandalism to the OPP. 
You can read the full letter on our Facebook page