Police Offer Tips To Thwart Porch Pirates

Posted: 2019-12-18 13:41:15 By: hbr

With holiday shopping season upon us, the OPP is reminding the public to beware of thieves who steal packages that are left at someone's house when they are not home to accept the parcel.

If packages are stolen from your home, report the incident to your local police and the shipping company. 

If you see suspicious activity in your community contact your local police or Crime Stoppers.

The OPP have some tips to help keep delivered packages safe:

  • Track deliveries online and try to be home at the time a package is delivered.
  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbour to receive your package at the time of delivery.
  • If allowed by an employer, have the packages delivered to your work.
  • Some stores provide a pickup-in-store service that allows you to pick up items from a nearer location.
  • Consider installing a motion-detection home security system that records video and sends immediate notice of activity to your cell phone.

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