Police Remind Sledders No Ice Is Safe Ice

Posted: 2019-01-17 06:53:52 By: hbr

The OPP is reminding snowmobile operators that they should always be aware that no ice is safe.

If you must venture out on the ice, the OPP encourage snowmobilers to stay on marked or known trails. All riders who choose to venture out onto frozen waterways must consider every dock, boathouse or moored vessel to be unsafe and keep well away.

Riders should consider that:

  • Overcast skies and white snow can diffuse the sunlight eliminating the shadows and definition that we use to identify obstacles.
  • Ice surfaces are dynamic, they move and shift with wind and weather that can provide hazards for riders.
  • Riders must always be mindful of docks, swim platforms, ice fishing huts etc. that may be frozen in the ice, masked by snow.
  • Don't over-drive your headlight- When riding in darkness or inclement weather be sure to ride a speed that will allow you time to react to any of the above challenges that could appear in your head light beam. At 50 km/h you travel 14 metres or 46 feet every second, at 100 km/h, 28 metres or 92 feet.