Police Say That Unsafe Ice Has Caused Three Snowmobile Fatalities So Far This Year

Posted: 2019-01-22 09:56:48 By: hbr

With Snowmobile Safety Week getting underway this week, the OPP are warning riders that travelling on unsafe ice is, again this season, a recurring cause in snowmobiler deaths.     

Police say three of this season's six snowmobilers who died were travelling on unsafe ice. Two of the snowmobilers went through the ice. In the third ice-related incident, the snowmobiler drove into open water.

Speed, driving too fast for the conditions and alcohol/drugs were factors in the other three fatal incidents.

In an effort to enhance snowmobile safety, the OPP is now engaging drones as an effective tool in a number of situations such as speed enforcement, search and rescue and detecting dangerous snowmobile operation.