Police Warn About Home Services Scam

Posted: 2021-10-07 09:42:50 By: thebay

The OPP has received an increased number of complaints from homeowners across the province who have been solicited by individuals attending their homes to sell certain household appliances, contracts and/or services.  

Police say these fraudsters approach individuals in person at the door to their home and use compelling tactics to persuade the homeowner or occupant that a new appliance, contract or service is required. Soon after the purchase or installation of the household appliances, contracts and/or services, the victims are contacted by someone claiming to be from a law firm offering a solution to exit the previously signed contracts, remove possible liens and consolidate the incurred debts. Victims are told they may be eligible to receive an award for a significant amount of money if they sign off on exiting the contract. 

As a condition of the award, the victims are contacted by a home renovation company and ultimately are persuaded to sign a contract, which they are led to believe is required to comply with energy efficiency obligations, related to the award. 

The fraudsters then use the signed documents to obtain a mortgage or secondary mortgage on the victim's home. The funds are then deposited into the victim's bank account, leading the victims' to believe they have received the award, which is actually funds from the home equity mortgage taken out on their home. As a condition of the award, victims are instructed to pay the renovation company the proceeds of the award to comply with the terms of the judgement.

Police say you can protect yourself by not letting anyone enter your home unless you invited them and you have taken steps to verify who they are and know your rights under the Trespass to Property Act

Research before you sign anything, agree to anything or invest and always read the fine print.