Police Warn Dirt Bike Riders To Stay Off Roads

Posted: 2019-06-17 07:40:43 By: hbr

Police are warning off road dirt bikes to stay off the roads.  Police say that just after 3:00pm on Sunday, Huntsville OPP were investigating a single motor vehicle collision on Britannia Rd in the town of Huntsville.

The vehicle required the services of a tow truck, and while they were in the process removing the vehicle from the ditch, officers heard a dirt bike making its way down the winding, hilly road.  Police say the dirt bike came around the corner at a high rate of speed narrowly missing the back of the tow truck.

The driver took off from the area, and police were not able to locate him.

Police are asking parents to talk to their children about the rules of the road when driving dirt bikes. Police say driving on roads can lead to charges, and in this case could have had a more serious outcome.