Police Warn of Danger Near Shorelines

Posted: 2019-03-28 15:12:19 By: hbr

With warmer weather starting to settle in around Muskoka and temperatures forecast in the double digits next week, OPP are advising residents to be aware of open and fast moving water.

As spring rapidly approaches, water levels rise and become unstable due rain and snow runoff. River banks and shorelines become slippery and unpredictably dangerous as ice deteriorates and muddy soil emerges 

Police caution that rivers will be moving fast with strong currents and the water is still dangerously cold.

Residents should be mindful of children who might be curious and venture too close to these highly dangerous areas. 

The OPP strongly urge parents to take the time to properly educate their children of the dangers of spring runoff conditions, and to steer clear.

Furthermore, the OPP wish to remind snowmobilers and other ice going adventurers to check before you go when approaching frozen waterways. Plan ahead, stop to be sure and proceed only if it's safe to do so.