Police Warn Residents To Use Caution Around Bears

Posted: 2018-10-12 08:15:19 By: hbr

The OPP and Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) continue to receive calls regarding a bear with cubs in the Huntsville area.

Police say a sow with her cubs is generally not aggressive unless the sow or cubs feel threatened.

Police ear encounters with humans sometimes involve pets. If you are out with a dog, keep it on a leash. Uncontrolled, untrained dogs may actually lead a bear to you.

Police are reminding residents to limit potential sources of food on their property which may include garbage. One of the popular food sources for bears this time of year is apples. OPP advise that pick up and dispose of any apples on your property so the bears are not attracted and may move on to other natural food sources.

Be aware of your surroundings, especially if you are doing activities outside (i.e. hiking, jogging, cycling, gardening, berry picking or camping) where bears may not realize you are there. Police say not to wear headphones and make noise when you move through heavily wooded areas, especially if you are near a stream or waterfall, where bears may not hear you.

If you observe bears provide as much distance as possible, ensure there is an area they can retreat to, and slowly back away. Contact Bear Hotline at 1-866-514-2327 for any non-emergency bear contact.