Power Generation Museum Coming To Bracebridge?

Power Generation Museum Coming To Bracebridge?

Posted: 2020-07-22 08:11:38 By: thebay

The Muskoka Pioneer Power Association has plans for a new exhibit dedicated to the history of local power generation.

During the latest Bracebridge Town council meeting, councillors discussed a request from the Pioneer Power Association to build the museum in a recently vacated building in JD Lang Activity Park, which is also known as the Bracebridge Fairgrounds. 

The building was recently sold by the Bracebridge Retired Firefighters Association and is in close proximity to Pioneer Power’s Antique Village inside the park. Lakeland Power has one of the original generators from their Bracebridge Falls hydro plant and they would like to donate it to Pioneer Power. In turn, Pioneer Powers says they’ll take the 115-year-old generator, along with other local power generating artifacts, and make a permanent museum in the building dedicated to the history of hydro generation in the area. 

Mayor Graydon Smith said Pioneer Power have always been great community partners and asked staff to look into the request and see what options are available.