Province Vaccinating LTC Residents With Fourth Dose

Province Vaccinating LTC Residents With Fourth Dose

Posted: 2021-12-31 11:11:48 By: thebay

The Province says that based on the recommendations from the Ontario Immunization Advisory Committee, they will be making fourth doses of mRNA vaccines available to residents of long-term care homes, retirement homes, Elder Care Lodges and other congregate care settings if at least three months, or 84 days, have passed since their third dose.

The province says that due to the uniquely high-risk nature of long-term care settings for Ontario’s most vulnerable individuals, they will also mandate third doses for all staff, students, volunteers, caregivers and support workers by January 28, 2022 for those currently eligible for a booster, and will be requiring visitors to provide proof of a booster dose once the temporary pause on general visitors is lifted.

As of December 13, 2021, all staff had to be fully vaccinated to work in long-term care homes, unless they have a valid medical exemption. To date, nearly 47 per cent of eligible staff and nearly 86 per cent of eligible residents have received their third dose booster. The province will continue to monitor long-term care homes and adjust measures as necessary to keep residents safe.