Request For Speed Limit Reduction Has Councilors Concerned About Speed Traps

Posted: 2018-08-16 07:57:47 By: hbr

Some councilors are worried about setting up a possible speed trap on Beaumont Drive in Bracebridge.

During Tuesday morning’s general committee meeting, it was agreed to push forward a proposal to the District that would make a section of the road, where it intersects with Henry Road, a lower speed limit than the rest of Beaumont Drive, which is 50 km per hour.

Councilor Steve Clement said he spoke with two residents who said it was a dangerous area of road, which runs along the Muskoka River, and the speed limit should be dropped.

Other councilors said dropping the speed limit for such a small section of road could create a speed trap.

Councilor Mark Quemby was vocally opposed to pushing the idea any further, and questioned why they were making the decisions based on the opinion of just two people.

Councilors ultimately agreed to ask the District to study the proposal and come back with their opinion.