Ride Sharing Coming To Bracebridge?

Posted: 2019-12-20 11:49:49 By: hbr

Bracebridge took a big step towards offering rideshare systems like UBER and Lyft during a recent general committee meeting.

Chief bylaw officer Scott Stakiw put forward a motion that would repeal the existing taxi cab licensing system, effective February 2020 and create a voluntary vehicle-for-hire registry.

Stakiw said the current system is highly ineffective and Bracebridge has had a chronic shortage of taxis for years. He said he has talked to cab owners and the public about the change and he hasn't heard any complaints

The consensus among councillors appeared to be that the current taxi system is broken and has been for many years.

Coun. Rick Maloney said it is simply impossible to get a cab at peak times. However, Maloney and several other councillors expressed serious reservations about the town’s ability to ensure safe rides and consumer protection.

Stakiw said the current system doesn't allow the Town to vet drivers either. He said to do so would present a whole host of problems.

Ultimately council sent the matter back to staff for another look and Stakiw said he would like a few months to help educate the public on any potential changes.

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