River X adds two new events

Posted: 2021-05-26 14:15:55 By: thebay

When Muskoka water-sport enthusiasts think of paddling, two things come to mind; the Muskoka River X and the Huntsville 110.

It's exciting times for paddlers as the Muskoka River X organizers have added two new events to its roster this year.

To complement their original 110 km challenge that has paddlers navigating their way through Huntsville's four lake system in the fastest time possible, they are introducing a pursuit start.

Race director Mike Varieur is looking forward to the fresh competitive element to the race.

"Our event enables recreational paddlers to compete against competitive paddlers," explains Varieur. "We can expect to see canoers and kayaks all converging on the finish line at the same time. It should be pretty exciting."

The race is planned so that the average hull speed determines they start time. Slower vessels will start sooner while quicker paddlers will have a later start.

The result will be a fast-paced challenge for all competitors. It is the first time a canoe could finish before a kayak.

Also new this year is the virtual David Thompson Challenge. Muskoka River X is celebrating the 510 km paddling route taken by David Thompson, who in 1837 left Penetanguishene on the shores of Georgian Bay and arrived three months later at what is now known as Arnprior, where the Madawaska River meets the Ottawa River.

Paddlers will track their progress on a live map of David Thompsons original route and will have the choice between three different challenge lengths (four weeks, eight weeks or twelve weeks).

Think you can complete this distance in the same time or less? As a virtual challenge, people are able to participate from anywhere in the world.

For more information or to register for any Muskoka River X event, visit:

"This challenge is great because it creates opportunities for people to get their paddle in the water every day to stay fit and get healthy," says Varieur. “This one is not as much about the racing as it is about the accomplishment."

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