Ryde Community Co-op Asks For Increased Support From Town Of Gravenhurst

Posted: 2021-09-28 08:27:31 By: thebay

The Ryde Community Cooperative has requested increased support from the Gravenhurst Town Council to assist with overhead operating costs such as hydro, snow-removal, and other items for 2022.

The Ryde Co-op is a volunteer group providing services to people who are isolated: grocery cards to people facing food insecurity, a 24/7 food pantry, free flu clinics, and indoor and outdoor activities such as pole walking groups, a knitting group, wilderness exploration and children's activities.

Councillor Terry Pilger says that, “the amount that this community group has asked for, given all that they do, hasn't changed in five or six years.”

The support requested would see a monthly increase of $100, bringing the annual amount provided in the town budget to $7,200.

Councillor Jo Morphy added, “our community organizations have been picking up a lot of slack as they try to help the people that are struggling.”

This request will be part of 2022 budget discussions moving forward.


By Jennifer Turney, for