Safe Quiet Lakes Has Lots On The Go In 2020

Posted: 2019-12-17 15:44:35 By: hbr

The organization known as Safe and Quiet Lakes has been busy in Muskoka over the past year and they are expected to be even busier in 2020.

Greg Wilkinson, the Chair of  Advocacy and Research with Safe and Quiet Lakes, recently made a presentation to Muskoka Lakes council  to help get them caught up to speed on the group's activities.

Wilkinson reported that Safe and Quiet Lakes have now posted their Boater’s Code at some 125 boat launches and marinas. The Boater’s Code is a posted sign outlining some basic rules for respectful boating.

He said that new initiatives they are working on include a Share the Lakes award; a Mirror Lake pilot project that will include added signage and the potential addition of new buoys, and the establishment of sound decibel limits. Wilkinson said Canada doesn’t have any limits on boat noise but SQL thinks it’s time that changed.

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