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Safety on our lakes is declining, according to Safe Quiet Lakes

Safety on our lakes is declining, according to Safe Quiet Lakes

Posted: 2022-05-02 09:14:17 By: thebay

Huntsville Councilors heard that according to the 2021 survey by the Safe Quiet Lakes Board, 52% of participants feel that safety is declining in our lakes, with an 80% perceived increase in boat traffic.

The survey trends, presented to the General Committee meeting on April 27, 2022, conclude, “noise and traffic are increasing, safety is down, quality of lakes is decreasing, and growing frustration is resulting in the desire for stronger interventions.”

According to the survey that included 6000 participants, 90% emphasized the need to “preserve the natural state of our lakes for future generations.”

Wakes are a primary problem indicates Board director Rob Bosomworth, indicating concern over the impact on property, humans, and nature. He adds, “The problems include safety, regarding speed, being too close to the shore, and the noise from speakers and boat motors.”

The Board is initiating outreach and education to boaters, including signs in lake areas, a renter’s card enforcing behaviors expected by Short-Term Renters, and are trying to get regulations established for a decibel limit on noise from boat engines through the Decibel Coalition.

Councillor Tim Withey indicated, “Signs are effective, if you can get more up, and all waterfront Short-Term Rental cards is a good idea.” He also inquired about directing people to lakes with rock shorelines instead that can handle the wakes as a possible solution.

The Board is seeking the help of the Township to issue a letter on behalf of their survey to Transport Canada to help with the issue of boat decibel regulations, which he said is a “significant movement across North America - including the US.”

Deputy Mayor, Nancy Alcock, supports the letter from the Municipality regarding the Decibel Project, welcoming a copy of the draft available by the Board to help in this initiative.