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Severn Bridge seeks funds from Gravenhurst for a community playground

Severn Bridge seeks funds from Gravenhurst for a community playground

Posted: 2022-09-23 07:43:07 By: thebay

Severn Bridge representative, Joe Donoghue, approached the Town of Gravenhurst for access development funds to build a children's playground, in the September 20, 2022, Council meeting.

Donoghue said, “Severn Bridge is growing, and in need of a public space inclusive of all residents.”

According to a financial estimate provided by Donoghue, the basic cost to build the playground is $100,000 at the lower end, but could be as high as $200,000 for a quality community space that will last.

Mayor Paul Kelly inquired about whether Donoghue has investigated the Parks and Trails report, seeking provincial funding for ventures.

Gravenhurst CAO, Scott Lucas, advised, “To utilize reserves, it needs to be part of a plan – to get in the recreation and trails master plan.” He added that legislation has changed, and said, “It’s not as loose a reserve; it’s reliant on a park plan. Development charges are estimated on a By-law, anticipation of growth, and a plan for utilizing these funds. It needs to be a part of the larger plan we’re working on.”

Kelly also advised Donoghue to connect with the Ride Co-op, and said, “Go through the channels they used and get ideas, and about funding and where they got it from.” He added, “The key being a complete parks and recreation plan, and to work with the Ward 3 Councillor to move it through their process.”

Lucas said, “Engage Muskoka and a master plan – two avenues – prior to budget and process, to get this on the radar.”