Speeding Comes Up At Bracebridge General Committee - Again

Posted: 2018-10-01 07:44:30 By: hbr

The issue of speed limits now comes up at virtually every Bracebridge general committee meeting and last Tuesday was no exception.

This time it was Fox Point Road, with Councilor Barb McMurray saying the speed limit is too high on the narrow road and a recent accident is proof.

In the past several months councilors have filed requests for speed limit reductions on Hwy 117 and Beaumont Drive. Councilors expressed frustration at the ongoing problem and said more needs to be done to change people's driving behaviour throughout Muskoka.

Councilor Mark Quemby pointed out that Fox Point Road is a dead end street and it’s likely only the friends and neighbours of the residents who drive it. He said the issue is one of enforcement and voted against reducing the speed limit.

None the less, the committee voted to send the matter back to staff for further study.