Spike Belt Deployed To Stop Runaway Driver

Posted: 2019-02-19 07:25:35 By: hbr

Police used a spike belt on Friday to stop a driver they were trying to apprehend. Bracebridge OPP responded to a request to assist a motorist on Highway 11 in Bracebridge. After a brief interaction with the driver, he fled in his vehicle. Police followed as he exited onto Cedar Lane near highway 117 and continued driving south, refusing to stop for police.

Police deployed a spike belt and were able to stop the vehicle before it entered a school zone. However four cruisers sustained minor damage in the process.

Police have charged 47-year-old Andrew Moore of Bracebridge with Impaired Operation while Blood Alcohol Over 80, 2 counts of Flight from Police, Dangerous Operation, and Resisting Arrest.

Moore received an immediate 90-day driver's licence suspension and further had his vehicle towed and impounded. He will appear in a Bracebridge Court on March 12th to answer to his charges.