Staff Sent Back To Get More Public Input On Firearms By-law

Staff Sent Back To Get More Public Input On Firearms By-law

Posted: 2020-07-30 07:42:17 By: thebay

During Monday’s electronic council meeting in Huntsville it was  expected that the changes to the Firearms  by-law, as discussed in their June council meeting,  would be approved during this week’s council meeting.

However members of council and staff say they have received multiple inquires into this report, so town staff will be directed to seek additional public input and bring back a draft by- law for the August council meeting.  

The current By-Law prohibits the discharge of firearms in designated areas. Staff say that some of the language in the by-law could cause confusion as to where a firearm could be legally discharged.  The new by-law hopes to bring clarity to the regulations.

Bows and cross bows are also not currently included, and this will be corrected with the new by-law. Also included in the definition of guns will be air guns, spring guns,  pellet guns and paint ball guns.

Councilors Withey and Schumacher both heard from their constituents on the acreage required for target practice or hunting in the draft by-law. Councilor Armour advised he would like staff to take more time on this and report back at the September meeting instead.

That motion was carried.