Still No Word On Cause Of Timber Mill Fire

Posted: 2019-07-18 12:29:46 By: hbr

A raging fire ripped through Muskoka Timber Mills on Manitoba Street near Falkenburg Rd in Bracebridge last night.

Fire crews were called in from neighbouring fire dept’s to help battle the blaze which started just after 7pm.

With stacks of lumber on fire, crews battled to save the business, shuttling water to the scene.  At least 3 buildings were damaged during the blaze which burned into the night and the fire dept is still on scene putting out hot spots.

It was the third structure fire the Bracebridge Fire Dept on Wednesday after battling a blaze that destroyed the main clubhouse at the old Bangor Lodge and another structure fire earlier in the day.

There’s no damage assessment or cause available for either fire at press time.  No injuries were reported.