Student Essay: The G1 Test Is Important For Aspiring Drivers

Posted: 2020-12-10 09:45:57 By: thebay

The purpose of taking the G1 test is to give future drivers the knowledge they need to understand the rules of the road. It’s the first step on the three-step pathway to earning a full G licence

Having advanced knowledge of the rules and a basic understanding of how driving works will help when getting started behind the wheel of a vehicle.

This allows drivers to avoid accidents, read road signs correctly and get a good concept of what is needed to drive. It also helps visual learners along the way.

Many young drivers are eager to write the test as soon as they are allowed to once they pass their 16th birthday.

When going to write the test, it’s essential that one brings their birth certificate, health card, payment (cash, debit or credit card) and glasses (if they need them). Also, the person will be required to sign paperwork to confirm they are who they say they are.

The G1 licencing test costs $158.25, which includes both the written test and then the road test to graduate to G2.

The G1 test consists of 40 questions – 20 about road rules and 20 about road signs. A passing mark requires the test take to answer at least 36 questions correctly. If not, they will be required to retake the test at a further fee of $16.

There is no limit to how many times one can take the test. An interesting fact is a person can buy a vehicle even with only a G1 licence, however they would not be able to insure it until they reached at least the G2 level (one step before the full G licence).

Once a driver has received their G1 licence, they can begin practicing their driving skills so long as they follow certain rules – the most important of which is always having a driver with at least four years of experience with them in the vehicle.

Other important rules include a blood-alcohol level of zero; the four-year driver having a .05 or better blood-alcohol level; to never have more people than seat belts in the vehicle; not being able to drive on 400 series highways or expressways; and not being behind the wheel of a moving vehicle between midnight and 5 a.m.

The purpose of the G1 licence is to make sure potential drivers have strong knowledge of the rules and expectations on the road before ever turning a key in the ignition.


By Koreelynn Fisher, a Muskoka Unlimited media co-op student from Huntsville High School