Swift River Updates Muskoka Lakes Council

Posted: 2020-02-14 12:40:39 By: hbr

The developers of a controversial hydro plant in Bala recently paid a visit to Muskoka Lakes council for an update on the project

Swift River Energy Limited’s VP Frank Belerique discussed the status of the Bala Falls Small Hydro Project, public safety and various other issues.

According to Belerique the hydro plant project began testing throughout the month of January and things had been proceeding according to plan thus far.

In 2017 Swift River revealed old engravings on a rock in the Moon River dated as early as 1888. They extracted the 10 ton rock and have had it stored for the last two years. Now they want to return the artifact back to Bala in the new hydro plant’s park. Work on the new park will begin after the May 24 weekend.

Council had some concerns over the potential for Swift River to affect water flows at the falls, and potential negative effects to neighbouring businesses. They also told Belerique he needs to do a better job of communicating with council going forward and he assured them that he would do so.