Posted: 2021-02-02 14:27:39 By: thebay

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that time is passing much faster these days. It seems as if I was just watching the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving parade, and now, it’s February. Bell had their mental health fundraiser last week, with the intention of raising money to promote the awareness of mental illness. Right now, I’m reading Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book about the factors that exacerbate dementia. In the book, he strongly suggests that, along with attention to diet and exercise, an active social life is crucial to staving off cognitive impairment. How do we do that when we’re all being told to self-isolate. Right now, connecting with others is more important than ever.

Every Monday, I am reminded of that movie, “Groundhog Day” wherein Bill Murray’s character relives the exact same sequence of events day after day. My weeks have become a blur, largely punctuated by my activities on behalf of Hunters Bay Radio, and the shows I produce. Last week, I remember writing my Oppenheimer Report about cartoons, playing Super Jackpot Radio Bingo, having dinner, and going to bed. The next thing I know, it’s Thursday, and I’m airing Lyrical Workers. Then, it’s Sunday, and I’m producing ET’s Martini Music show. The sun has now set 7 times and here I am back to another Monday, writing yet another report. I am beginning to realize how traumatized by hopelessness I have become by the last 4 years. They've taken a toll on my sense of wellbeing.

I suppose I’ve been in a state of denial, which is now evaporating as hope once again creeps in. It all got real during ex-President Rump's reign. While that little Swedish girl was presciently warning us about the consequences of our apathy towards Mother Earth, and the latest mass shooting reminded me that there are a lot of sick people out there, I was so busy learning to embrace the latest abbreviated form of communication on my computer or phone, that I simply ignored the inhumanity. The irony is, there has been a complete breakdown in communication as communication becomes more widespread. I know human decency exists; I feel it every time I speak to a friend.

Remember the good old days, when everyone was more concerned about existential crises like climate change? Now, who will be paying attention if Florida sinks into the ocean as the polar ice caps melt? OK, maybe the people in Florida will. I heard a remarkable “statistic” the other night on the news with reference to the increased severity of fall hurricanes. I heard that more rain fell in Houston, Texas during Hurricane Harvey back in 2017 than flows over Niagara Falls in a year. Yikes! The universe has thrown mankind a real curveball, reminding us that we are ALL vulnerable to the laws of nature. That reality in turn affects our mental health. I am not immune, and I’m definitely feeling it this week. Thankfully, I have Shauna with whom to share my isolation. Time to make another “are-you-ok?” call to a friend, for my own sake, that is. I need to remind myself that we are not alone in all of this.

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