Town Dock Repairs Now Pegged at $100,000

Posted: 2019-06-26 07:37:52 By: hbr

The Town of Huntsville will be holding a special council meeting on Thursday to further discuss repairs to the town dock, as the deck boards are rotting from the bottom up after this year’s flood.  When the dock was replaced in 2013, untreated wood was attached to new steel pilings.  The wood is now giving way and the town has been replacing several boards each day.

The original request at Monday’s council meeting was for pressure treated wood at a cost of $ 80,000.  

After some discussion council reconsidered and instead of pressure treated wood, the replacement deck boards would be with cedar which is longer lasting and more environmentally friendly.

Today’s meeting takes place at 4pm in council chambers, and a motion to approve a maximum budget of $ 100,000 for cedar decking is up for approval.