Town To Buy Infra Pipe Property

Town To Buy Infra Pipe Property

Posted: 2020-11-24 15:15:56 By: thebay

The Infra Pipe property will soon have a new owner.  During yesterday’s electronic town council meeting in Huntsville, the town passed a by-law to purchase 37 Centre St N, and 25 North Dufferin St.

The property is presently owned by Uponor and leased to Infra Pipe Solutions.   The land was formerly occupied by the KWH pipe and the Tannery.

The tannery was built in the early 1900’s and it is well known that the tannery emptied pollution into the river. Residents of the town have always been uncertain as to what contamination may be present there now.  

The property was purchased for $1000, and the town will lease the land back to Infra Pipe. The revenue from the lease will go into a reserve account for the sole purpose of any potential remediation costs to the property.