Trump Proves Critics Right This Week

Posted: 2020-11-07 07:39:38 By: thebay

In what can only be considered a microcosm of the past several years, United States President Donald J. Trump was at his arrogant and antagonistic best this week.

With perhaps the most polarizing presidential election in U.S. history finally getting down to what matters most – the voting and tallying of those votes – it was an opportunity to show confident leadership by encouraging calm among the nation’s citizens.

Unfortunately, the sitting Commander-in-Chief went the other way with accusations of voting fraud, inappropriate and illegal voting practices in some states, and claims of “we won’t let them steal this election.”

In case you are wondering, I do watch whole speeches before passing judgement as not to be swayed by narratives being driven by both the left and right leaning media outlets.

I watched the press conferences and speeches because I believed the media and their loyal, yet often misguided and underinformed followers, on social media were magnifying the situation as they are inclined to do.

They were a tad bit outrageous in their reporting and posts, however they weren’t wrong regarding the aggressive words being used. The message was clear: any states where voting was close must be “fixing” the election to oust the sitting President.

Over the past four-plus years, going back to the 2016 campaign, the President’s supporters have long said the media is misrepresenting their guy and taking his comments “out-of-context.”

Well, I’ve watched a lot of speeches and press conferences from beginning to end to form my own opinions.

Admittedly there were at times where I could tell the “plain speak” President Trump uses was being misconstrued, but many more times his words were downright insulting and negatively inciteful.

World leaders shouldn’t be speaking like Joe at the bar after a few bubblies; they should be confident, well-spoken and convey a clear message that cannot be misconstrued.

That message should lean towards unifying the public and be teeming with human decency: which was the messaging coming from the President’s adversary this week.

Despite all his flaws – of which there are many – Joe Biden came across as presidential whilst preaching calm and trust in the electoral process.

He was confident in his words when he spoke and didn’t get drawn into a debate about unfounded voting fraud.

It was how a President of the United States – or any other leader for that matter – should speak when emotional and even physical unrest is occurring in their nation.

There are many who know I’m not a fan of either candidate, but this week, it was Mr. Biden who acted the most presidential while President Trump was decidedly not.

Words at press conferences aside, the Trump campaign prematurely (or as they say, pre-emptively) launched or were planning to launch lawsuits and motions alleging various voting improprieties in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. Some have already been dismissed for lack of evidence, but I’m fairly certain the motions and suits will continue for weeks.

Perhaps the worst part about President Trump’s words and his party’s actions is that recounts in states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada could be possible. Officials in Georgia had already noted at the time of this writing on Friday a recount is probable due to the extremely close results.

Mere percentage points separated the incumbent and his adversary in those states: meaning the President could have just let the election play out without firing up his supporters with conspiracy theories. Or he could have gone the Joe Biden route and taken the high road.

In either of those scenarios, the President would have come out looking like a champion and then demanded recounts where it was reasonable to do so. No one would have begrudged him those legal rights in such a tight race.

But, by coming out in full attacking force with accusations and conspiracy theories, President Trump – win or lose – will still come out looking like a petulant child to anyone with any sense of propriety.

We’re not going to sit here and go through all the bad and good President Trump has done – even the harshest anti-Trump crowd with any semblance of intelligence must acknowledge he’s had some wins to go with the failures – just like we won’t go through all the good and bad about his rival.

Rather, we’re here to point out that when the chips were down and it was time to show a decency and class that had been missing for the better part of his presidency, The President of the United States named Donald J. Trump chose to take the low road instead.

To the President’s supporters, of which there are many both south and north of the border: hearsay, and emotionally-charged perceptions of what has transpired will never hold up in a court of law – or in the court of public opinion when hard facts are lacking.

In the end, President Trump proved his naysayers right this week when his actions and words proved he isn’t fit to occupy the White House, while his opponent did the opposite.


By Chris Occhiuzzi, special to

When Chris isn’t writing stories for, Dockside Publishing or running, you can find him volunteering his time as a coach and board member for the Huntsville Soccer Club.