Two New Hospital Builds In MAHC's Future

Posted: 2019-09-23 07:49:07 By: hbr

Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare’s Capital Plan Development Task Force reconvened on September 12 for its final meeting to complete its evaluation of the five building design options contemplated for the Two Acute Sites service delivery model. The options considered for both sites include: renovation and expansion, or a complete new build. For the South Muskoka site, a further approach to build a new hospital on a different piece of land was also considered.

The task force’s analysis included construction cost estimates from a cost consultant, public consultation and feedback on the options, in-depth study of the local share portion of the capital cost that the community is responsible for. 

The task force evaluated  the options and arrived at a unanimous recommendation of a:

  • New hospital build on current land for the Huntsville site
  • New hospital build on new land for the South Muskoka site

A formal report will be brought to the MAHC Board of Directors at its regular meeting on October 10th.