Two Rescued After Sleds Go Through Ice

Posted: 2019-01-27 07:45:16 By: hbr

Yesterday afternoon, the Muskoka Lakes Fire Department, EMS, and OPP responded to reports of two people on sleds going through the ice, between on Lake Muskoka. An off duty firefighter, who witnessed the event, attempted to get the individuals but was not able to reach them because of the ice conditions. They convinced the individuals to work their way toward Bala Island.

The Muskoka Lakes Fire Department’s Ice Rescue team, trekked across the ice to the location of the snowmobile. They began to cross from safer ice to the thinner ice and as they were crossing, they began to fall through the ice.

At that time, the OPP helicopter arrived and made its way to the snowmobilers. The OPP helicopter transported one man to South Muskoka Memorial Hospital. The second snowmobiler was reached when firefighters arrived at the island from the direction of Acton Island.

The Fire Dept says neither snowmobiler received life threatening injuries and in all 15 firefighters responded to the call.

When these events happen, not only does it place the lives of the snowmobiler at risk, it also places the lives of the rescuers at the same risk.