Uncrate The Sun & Win!

Posted: 2019-04-19 08:29:46 By: hbr

Hunters Bay Radio and Sunbelt Rentals are giving you a chance to "Uncrate The Sun" and win a Husqvarna Riding Lawn Tractor (valued at $2600).

Starting on Monday, and running until May 5th, we'll give you a chance to qualify and win a key that could unlock the crate and win the Husqvarna YT46LS Riding Lawn Mower.  Each day from 7am - 6pm we'll offer you  a chance to text in to the Festing Toyota Textline, when prompted by the hosts.  One of the texters will win a key to try and unlock the crate.

In addition, everyday we'll be giving you a chance to win a key, by "Liking & Sharing" our Facebook page or right here on  One person will be selected each day on each site to qualify and win a key.

We will contact qualifiers by text, or daily postings on Facebook, or by email or phone, depending on how they entered the contest.  It is the qualifier's responsiblity to check to make sure they have won a chance to enter the contest.

The contest ends on May 12th.

Qualifiers must meet at Sunbelt Rentals in Huntsville at 40 Cairns Crescent on Saturday May 25th.  Registration begins at 11.30am and the contest will begin at noon (or as soon as everyone is registered). 

Contestants will be called in order of registration.  Contestants will select a key (there will be one for each contestant - but only one will unlock the crate) and try and unlock the crate, and "Uncrate The Sun" and win the riding lawn mower.


  1.  Staff, volunteers or immediate family from Hunters Bay Radio or Sunbelt are disqualified from participating in this contest
  2. Contestants can only win one key
  3. Only people who are verified qualifiers may participate in the contest.
  4. Qualifiers may not transfer their chance to win, or nominate someone to participate on their behalf.
  5. We will stop registering qualifiers at noon on May 25th (or as soon as everyone attending have been registered).  Once the contest to win the lawn mower begins, no other qualifiers will be accepted. Please don't be late.
  6. Only one key will unlock the crate.  All the others are blanks - there can only be one winner.  When the crate is unlocked, the contest is over.