U.S. Lawn Mowers Deadlier Than Canadian Counterparts

U.S. Lawn Mowers Deadlier Than Canadian Counterparts

Posted: 2020-09-07 11:02:46 By: thebay

That the United States needs to keep track of lawnmowing fatalities is both interesting and unsurprising.

The interesting part is the average number of deaths per year caused by lawn mowers (90) is more than the combined fatalities caused by snake bites, sharks, alligators, bears, venomous spiders, dogs, and lightning strikes (75).

According to data pulled by the company LawnStarter from the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, the U.S. sees an estimated 35,000 annual lawn mowing accidents. That’s about 0.01 per cent of the total population (over 328 million).

However, deer cause slightly more average annual fatalities than lawn mowers (200) while unintentional falls such as slipping and tripping are far more dangerous with an average of over 36,000 people dying each year.

Lawnstarter’s full report on lawn mower safety can be found here:

Meanwhile in Canada …

The lawn mowers are much nicer north of the border – perhaps it’s a Canadian thing?

Statistics from the Government of Canada compiled from 2011 through 2018 show that there were 512 cases of accidental injuries caused by lawn mowers (at least those reported by hospitals and general practitioners). In percentage terms, it’s about 0.001 per cent of the population (37.59 million in 2019).

However, 71 per cent of those injured required hospital treatment. The top areas on the body injured were the finger/hand (30.4 per cent); toes/foot/ankle (18.3 per cent); and the head/face (including eyes)/neck (16.8 per cent).

Meanwhile the types of wounds treated were varied with minor cuts and lacerations leading the way at 29.4 per cent. Fractures made up 13.5 per cent of the injuries while traumatic amputations, including partial amputation (11.3 per cent), and burn or corrosion (11.3 per cent) were the other high ranking injuries.

There were no fatalities caused by lawn mowers in Canada through 2018. Is it because Canadians value safety more? Are Canadians smarter than their United States counterparts? Do Canadians have better motor skills when operating lawn equipment?

See more information and statistics on lawn mower accidents from the Government of Canada here:,general%20hospitals%20reporting%20to%20CHIRPP

One thing is certain, lawn mowers like any other machinery need to be handled with care. They all come with operating manuals and safety tips. It’s up to the individual to heed the good advice.


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