Water Levels In Muskoka Lakes Starting to Recede

Posted: 2019-05-06 13:13:25 By: hbr

The Township of Muskoka Lakes are reporting that water levels over the past 24 hours have decreased slightly, dropping  2-4cm (1-2 inches) on Lake Muskoka and the Moon River, and approximately 1-2cm (0-1 inches) on Lake Rosseau and Lake Joe.

The township is still under a declaration of emergency and will be until further notice.

Township officials are asking residents and contractors to help collect floating debris in the water. Any large items that are floating or rested on shore/property, please secure if you can safely, and contact the Township office at 705-765-3156 for help.

Township officials are recommending all sand bags be kept in place until water levels recede and risk of flooding has ended. Sand bag drop off depots will be available at the Glen Orchard Yard onMuskoka Road 169, Patterson Yard on Raymond Road, and Ranwood Yard on Ranwood Road.

Any resident in need of to remove sand bags, is asked tocall the township office at 705-765-3156.