Water Skiing School Coming To Muskoka Lakes?

Posted: 2019-08-19 07:54:57 By: hbr

A large contingent recent came out to a public meeting and to have their voices heard on a proposed plan to create an elite water skiing school on Mary Jane Lake in Muskoka Lakes Township.

The plan calls for the creation of 14 new waterfront residential lots ranging in size from 1.14 hectares to 4.18 hectares, with an average lot size of 2.2 hectares. 

The applicant explained that he and his brother bought the property in 2015 with an eye towards turning it into an elite water-ski school. They plan to use boats designed for small wakes, which he explained should have minimal impact on the shore.

A wide range of perspectives were heard during the meeting, including those who felt the development is too significant for the area, and others who felt there was not enough information available on the potential environmental impact of the project. There were also others who were strongly in favour of the concept, particularly as it pertains to the concept of a private water skiing haven.

All of the delegates were thanked for their input and informed that the District and Muskoka Lakes planning staff said they will consider the comments before making a decision.