Water Treatment Plants In Huntsville To Get Upgrades

Posted: 2019-09-24 08:11:27 By: hbr

District councillors had their cheque books at the ready during their latest meeting, awarding some $5.6 million as part of four separate contracts. 

One of the contracts was to facilitate $1.5 million in upgrades at the Fairyview water treatment plant in Huntsville. That contract was awarded to Fowler Construction.

The plant was commissioned in 1988 and councillors heard that it’s now in need of rehabilitation. Some of those upgrades include improvement to the disinfection process, upgrades to the building itself and a new backup generator.

J.L. Richards and Associates were awarded the $1.1 million contract for upgrades to the Golden Pheasant Environmental Clean Water Plant, also located in Huntsville. The contract is for phase two of a two-part project with the goal of preparing the Golden Pheasant plant to receive all of the effluent generated in the Town of Huntsville for treatment.

Fowler Construction was also awarded an additional pair of major contracts. The first was a $1.8 million contract for hot mix paving on Highway 169 and Highway 28 in Muskoka Lakes Township, and the other was for $1.2 million to hot mix paving on Muskoka Road 16 in Bracebridge.