Watershed Report Card To Be Released Thursday

Posted: 2018-07-17 07:50:20 By: hbr

It appears the lakes and waterways of Muskoka have the made the grade during their most recent round of tests.

Both the Muskoka Watershed Council and the Muskoka Lakes Association attended Monday evening’s District council meeting to discuss the findings of recent water quality testing in the region.

According to Chris Cragg, the chair of the Muskoka Lakes Association water quality committee, the water quality at their test sites continues to be “good to excellent.”

The MLA tests at 193 sites in 55 areas using 140 volunteers. They said previous concerns regarding a drop in water clarity had largely been alleviated in the latest round of tests.

The Watershed Council also indicated few areas of major concern in their testing.

There were some signs of stress in the southern regions of the watershed but Watershed Council representative Kevin Trimble said phosphorus levels across the region have largely stabilized since the last report.

The Watershed report card will go live online this Thursday.