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Woman sentenced in connection with Mark Sweet's disappearance

Woman sentenced in connection with Mark Sweet's disappearance

Posted: 2023-03-06 09:53:56 By: thebay

Lana MacDonald, 54, received a nine-month house arrest and six-month curfew sentence on Friday, in connection to the death of 58 year-old Mark Sweet, who was reported missing in November 2021. She pleaded guilty to being an accessory to indignity to a human body.

Mark Sweet’s burned remains were located by authorities at a Gryffin Lodge Rd site in December 2021.

Sweet, a local cab driver, took 57 year-old Richard Pitt to get methadone, according to court testimony. Sweet travelled to Pitt’s residence in November, 2021 and the two men did fentanyl and crack cocaine. Pitt did not call 911 after Sweet overdosed at his home, the court heard.

MacDonald advised Pitt in a series of texts and phone calls, to administer a drug to revive Sweet, but evidence presented in court determined that was never done.

The court heard his burned body was discovered in a shallow grave by police.

Another man, 38 year-old Matthew Sturgess, of Huntsville, also pleaded guilty. Sturgess and Pitt are scheduled to be sentenced next week.